{real parties} trunk or treat: the beginning

This past week we were busy producing my mom’s 80th birthday celebration. I’m happy to announce that it was a complete success and I’ll share all the details soon!
The week prior, we were busy preparing for our favorite fall event…our church’s annual “Trunk or Treat! Each year we decorate the “trunk” of our car and pass out candy.
Here are a few shots from past years…
{circa 2008: Old MacDriver’s Farm}
That’s Old MacDriver singing, “Old MacDonald’s Farm”
next to the Barnyard Buddies.
After the sun went down you could barely see our trunk….
we decided to add lighting in 2009!


{circa 2009: Driver’s Drive-In}
It rained last year so we all moved into the gym.
We added lights that year…car headlights, “EAT” sign
and the arrow on the “Driver’s Drive-In” sign.

{Grand Prize: “Best Trunk!”}
J was a HUGE hit!
He flipped burgers all night–his arm was so sore the next morning!
{Please excuse the horrible photo…the waitress wasn’t ready yet!}
I was the horn-rimmed, pony-tailed waitress named, “Trixie,” asking the kids,
“May I take your order, Sweetie?” while blowing big bubbles!
{Strawberry Shake and Hamburgers}
We each made our own props–a Strawberry Shake and Hamburgers.
Strawberry Shake materials: cup, straw, tissue paper and pink cardstock
Hamburger materials: cardboard, chocolate cardstock and tape
We taped the Strawberry Shake to my tray along with a plate.
J flipped candy onto the plate and the kids took it off.
A few tried to take the Strawberry Shake…they thought it was real!
This is just a taste of what’s to come!
We went all out this year and took home our 2nd “Best Trunk” award!
Can you guess what we were this year?
{Hint: Our logo was based on the Sugar Cookie Welcome Sign}
We’ll be back tomorrow with our 2010 award winning trunk!
Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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