{real parties} a toy story inspired birthday

Two party features two days in a row?!? I know! I’m just as excited and astounded as you are! I’m working hard to clean up my to do list and check off all the things still left on it from 2010!

Now…on to the really fun stuff…a party!

I had the pleasure of working with Natalie from Little Shindigs on one little element for her son’s 4th birthday party in November. I was honored that she wanted to use one of our Custom Mini Banners on Luke’s birthday cake. If you haven’t heard me mention it before, Natalie started the Children’s Party Network last year and is one of my inspiring party chicks! You can imagine how excited I was when she contacted me. {Happy Dance!}

Natalie is the queen of vintage but when her son, Luke, wanted a “Toy Story” birthday party she was a little unsure of how to achieve it. Here’s what Natalie had to say…

“I felt a bit out of my element going commercial. SO… in an effort to keep it real, I chose to use the walls painted in Andy’s room as the inspiration. You know …the blue walls with the puffy clouds? I realize that may sound insane but it’s completely true.

Also, I didn’t want to go crazy with a candy buffet for a bunch of little kids. Felt it completely appropriate to offer a Toy Buffet instead.”

Here is Natalie’s sweet interpretation of the “Toy Story” theme…

I think Natalie did a wonderful job of creating a very personal event for her son. I love that she asked us to create a Custom Mini Banner with “Reach for the Sky” on it. It’s a phrase that has special meaning to her family.
Thank you, Natalie, for letting us be a small part of your family celebration!
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Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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