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I’m back!
{you}: Where have you been?
I was nestled under a pile of custom orders for Piggy Bank Parties and Autumn Writings. We are so grateful to our clients for their faith in us and so thankful to you for sticking by the PBP Crew when all I do is talk about us!
I am determined to dedicate this week to your DEPOSITS! This lil’ piggy is ready to party every day and hope you join me for an amazing week of fun!
It’s time to open our PIGGY BANK for the next DEPOSIT sent to us by Christine of….

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Today’s party is so RIVETING that I’ll let Christine share how she TRANSFORMED a birthday party into an AMAZING celebration…
“I was thrilled with how everything came together for Camden’s Trans4mers birthday party. Thanks to family and friends who helped out, the party went off without a hitch.

The paper Transformers from Paper Robots 1999 were the inspiration for the custom designed invitations and handcrafted decorations.

For the table centerpiece, Optimus Prime and Megatron were suspended in mid-air above a 3-D paper backdrop of New York City Harbor (under $9). The banner with Camden’s name was designed to look like chrome wheels. The same wheel motif was repeated throughout the party space. 
{Click here for the banner tutorial}
Our friend, Loan, blew us away with a 2-tier red velvet Bumblebee Transformer cake. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she also made a banana and caramel Decepticon cake with a Soundwave Transformer fondant figure for Uncle Frank(atron), whose birthday falls just a few days before Camden’s.
Frank, Camden’s Uncle and Transformers Subject Matter Expert (T-SME), was the mastermind behind the witty names for the food and drinks–Allsparkling fruit juice and lemonade with Energon cubes.

Using boxes and pieces of cardboard, my husband, the “Cardboard Master”, constructed an Optimus Prime that actually transforms into a truck! How cool is that? The Autobot lollipops were made by simply pouring blue vanilla flavored candy melts into a robot mold, then popping them into the freezer for about 10 minutes.

We saved rental fees by borrowing the kid size tables and chairs/stools, and the blue tablecloth (which matched perfectly with the decor), from friends and family.

Instead of hiring an expensive entertainer, I came up with the Assemble-A-Transformer and Build-A-Robot activities for the kids. These Kabaya Transformers kits from TF Source came with pieces to assemble Optimus Prime, Star Saber or Henkei Convoy, a piece of gum, and instructions printed on the box in Japanese.
There was also an activity table to build your own robot using cardboard materials, and Make Do parts and connectors.
The birthday boys sporting their Transformers shirts. Happy Birthday, Camden and Frank!
I am RIVETED by this party! Christine did everything right in my party planning book. First, she researched and found resources to help her create special touches on a budget like the New York Harbor for under $9.00! Research is the key to creating a budget-friendly party.
Second, cardboard boxes are the best and can be used to create fabulous party props. The lollipop truck that TRANSFORMS into a robot….genius! Finally, she shows that you can serve your child’s favorite foods with any theme using clever names!
I wanted to get to know Christine a bit better. Here’s my lil’ interview with her…
Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? I have a 9-to-5 corporate job developing web applications. Designing and styling children’s parties is definitely my creative outlet, although I would love to turn my passion into a career someday {sigh}.
If a business, how long have you been in business? Pure Joy Events officially launched in October 2010. The business is named after my daughter, whose name means “Pure Joy”.
How did you get started? I’ve been planning my kids’ birthday parties for years, but it wasn’t until last June when I decided to start a blog to share some of my ideas. My “big break” came when Kate of Kate Landers Events LLC and Jillian from Catch My Party featured my Mad Science and Under Construction parties. At that time, I only had a handful of followers, mostly just friends and family {LOL}.
What penny pinching ideas/tips went into your event? I’m a big do-it-yourselfer and love doing parties on a budget! Except for hiring a professional photographer to capture all of the details of the party while I was busy running around, no outside vendors were used. I made all of the decorations, including the birthday banner, custom invitations, and food and beverage tents myself.
I hope your INSPIRED by Christine’s party.
I want to make a ROBOT out of the recycling bin!
Now I’m hungry for some NUTs and BOLTs snack mix!
Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…
Photography :: Rebecca Watkins
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