{piggy party tools} the perfect party straw

It’s time for another edition of…
Today’s favorite party tools are…
I had a love affair with straws long
before they hit the party circuit!
I almost always include them on my
beverage stations ‘cuz they’re fun!
Here I used stirrer straws with flags on this
beverage station because the glasses we had
were too short for long straws…
…it proves that even the tiniest of
straws can make a big impact!
My all-time favorites…
Bendy Straws!
{aka Flex Straws}
There’s just somethin’ about them that
makes me happy whenever I use one!
J even included a Bendy Straw in
his Happier Meal artwork as a
tribute to my love of straws!
The newest trend on party tables…

Paper Straws!
You see these straws popping up in glass bottles
and jars all over the party blogosphere!
Vendors are selling them in all different colors and
patterns…stripes, polka dots, hearts and stars!
My friend, Kelly, is obsessed with…
Milkshake Straws!
I have to admit…I kinda love them, too!
So perfect for getting all of those yummy bits of
deliciousness without the frustration
of having to clean out a clog!
Of course, there are endless kinds of straws
like Spoon Straws and Crazy Straws
but I should stop before y’all think
I’m obsessed…or somethin’!
J and I were at Bed, Bath and Beyond
this past weekend because I wanted
to use my birthday gift cards.
{My birthday’s in August. The gift cards were lost in our
office for months but somehow managed to visit
A VERY funny story for another day!}

I love finding fun tools to make entertaining easier.
While I was in the kitchen gadget section,
I ran across these deals
…125 Bendy Straws for $1.99…
{less than $.02 each}
…50 Milkshake Straws for $1.99…
{less than $.04 each}
….and 144 Paper Straws for $4.99!
{less than $.04 each}
Yummy deals for my next few parties
plus I saved even more with
my 20% off coupon.
The Paper Straws were only $3.99!
{break for a Happy Dance!}
Straws are a fun and inexpensive way to add
a lot of impact to your party table!
Have you used straws on your party tables?
We’d love for you to share!
I see a glass of milk with a hot pink bendy straw in my future!

{Psst! I think this post is more about my love affair with straws versus
how they make an impact on a party table! Thanks for indulging me!}

Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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3 thoughts on “{piggy party tools} the perfect party straw

  1. Hello,

    Where did you find the plastic milkshake straws?

    I have been looking everywhere with no luck.

    Thank you!

  2. I love straws. I especially love paper straws. I'm going to use them in every party. I love straws. We should start a club.

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