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I am beyond excited to share Genevieve’s party with you today! A few months before I took the plunge into the party blogosphere, I discovered Genevieve’s blog, Celebrate TODAY…the Superchick Way! {Where motherhood, creativity and life collide!}. I loved her free spirit and crazy attitude and became an instant fan! A few months later I had the pleasure of “meeting” G and my love for this crazy kool chick has grown by leaps and bounds!
I am honored that THE talented and vivacious Superchick is sharing this amazing celebration she created for her son, Niko. Here’s what Genevieve had to say about her party…

We chose a “Military Man” theme because the birthday boy, NIKO (9) is totally into war games, military legos, Nerf guns & paint ball games! The color palette included greens and browns… with a “camouflage” print!

Theme & Decor:
I purchased both “authentic” and “crafted” deco elements. The ammunition boxes, camo netting and old bullets were real! The boys LOVED that!!!! I found them at an Army surplus store! I found hats, toy grenades and paper plates at my local party store.

Food & Drink:
Hats were ‘flipped” and used as vessels for snacks! Treats included cleverly labeled snacks! Camouflaged cake pops (made by me!!!) were called “cake bombs,” trail mix was transformed into “military mix/” popcorn with camo colored M&Ms and jelly beans was called “camo corn!”

We also had camo swirly lollipops, dark hot chocolate cupcakes, custom iced cookies and bottled root beer! Mini doughnuts, shelled peanuts, candy… I mean it went on and on!

I created mini versions of my Kandy Kones™ and used them as “cake toppers!” SO COOL!! The kones were filled with chocolate chips! Extra chocolate is ALWAYS a good idea!

The boys played tug-a-war in the rain! They did target shooting with paintball guns! We also invited a veteran to come talk to the boys about his experiences!!!

Oh, and we asked a cadet friend to deliver the birthday gift which was authentic army fatigues!!!

Boxes filled with silver and gold foiled candy with matching stickers! Each child also got to take home a plastic grenade and the “body target” the shot with paint ball guns!

Shopping Resources:
I called on my best GFs for product because encouraging other artists is huge to me! We all shine in our own rights! My printables were created by my sweet friend Kristy from Posh Pixel Designs! Cupcakes were baked by Stacy from Scrumptious Swirls! The cookies ROCKED MY WORLD!!! Sara from Dandy Delights did an outstanding job!!! Mini Doughnuts by Dough a Deer! Last, but certainly not least, my girl Pam from Party Starters created the favor boxes!

The invitations, Kandy Kones™, Kandy Kone™ Minis, crepe paper streamers, cake pops and styling was done by me, Celebrate TODAY!

Click here and here for more party details!
I love that Genevieve’s unique style comes through every party she creates! She also proves that any theme can come to life with a lil’ creativity. I love that she tweaked the traditional camouflage color scheme with pops of bright green. I also love that she asked a veteran to speak about his experiences as one of the activities!
I wanted to get to know Genevieve a bit better. Here’s my lil’ interview with her…
Do you do this as a full- or part-time job or is it just for fun? Depends on who you ask! lol What started out as a creative outlet has turned into an insanely awesome JOB! These days, the Kandy Kones™ Factory is open for biz 24/7! I’m home full time with my three littles so I get to design and create at will!
If a business, how long have you been in business? I started my blog (www.celebrate2da.com) in March 2010, way clueless! I just wanted a place to call my own! A platform where I could share my creative craziness! In November 2010 I created my first KANDY KONE™ and the rest is history! My biz exploded and has been evolving organically ever since!
How did you get started? I’m a paper addict! I love touching, sniffing and sniping PAPER! That said, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to design/create a UNIQUE party product! No joke! Something different! Something fun! In Sept 2010 while planning my daughter’s Little Red Ridding Hood Party, I was crafting traditional paper cones when it HIT ME! It just did! Connect said cone to a wooden skewer and voilà! Kandy Kones were born!
What penny pinching ideas/tips went into your event? Love this question ‘cuz I’m all about partying CHEAP!!! Always! For Niko’s party, I purchased many of the deco items at my local $Store! (plastic grenades, helmet “bowls”…)
One of my best kept secrets is that I never buy more than ONE set of the “themed” paper plates/napkins! I buy a coordinating color (in this case black) and alternate! Stack ’em up, NO ONE ever notices or cares and I save $!
I also barter! If you have a talented gf who bakes, designs printables, whatever, offer up YOUR product/services in exchange! It’s FREE and everybody wins!
Last tip (and trust me, I could go on forever!!!) Borrow Borrow Borrow! I always ask my friends to share and lend me items I know match my theme! Again, it’s FREE! Hosting a pink dino party? Ask your ppl to drop off their dino toys big & small, dino books, pink vases/platters, faux plants/trees…you get the idea!
Here are links to some of Genevieve’s amazing par-tays…
I hope you’re INSPIRED by Genevieve’s party!
I can’t wait to design and create partyware for tween boys!
I’m thinking about hanging donuts on all of my evergreens outside!

Stay tuned to Oink! for more inspiration…

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