{tutorial} football party garland

I’m so happy to be sharing this super easy & fun football party garland with you today! But first I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I’m not really a big football fan (said in a hushed whisper). But I do LOVE a good party and football season is a great reason to throw one!! But if I’m throwing a football party, you know it’s gotta have some girly cuteness to it. :)

What I love about this fun pom pom & football garland is that you can customize it to fit pretty much any team’s colors! And if you are throwing a cheerleading birthday party, just leave off the footballs!

This garland took me about TEN MINUTES to put together and only uses a few supplies.

You will need:

  • Holiday garland (there are MANY color options to choose from)

  • Cheerleader pom poms

  • Football cutouts

  • Glue Dots

I found these great sets of pom poms at Dollar Tree! They are starting to stock these now in their Halloween dress up section. Just save the megaphone for some extra party decorations!

I found the football cutouts at Party City, but you can also find them in the party section of most craft stores.

I happened to have this pretty white sparkly Christmas garland from last year, but the stores are putting out their Christmas stuff about now (Hobby Lobby has hadย it out since the summer!!!). There are so many color choices to help you coordinate with your team’s colors.

Measure out how long you need the garland, but wait to trim it until you are certain of where you are going to display it. I have learned that lesson the hard way MANY times. ;)

The pom poms I purchased were attached to their package with silver twist ties. I used those same ties to attach them to the garland. No sense in wasting those little guys!!

I used 2 glue dots on the back of each football cutout and attached them as well.

You can space them out as your little heart desires, but keep in mind that the more pom poms you use the heavier it will be!

And there you have it! A fun, sparkly & budget friendly decoration for your upcoming football party!

Goooooo TEAM!


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