{challenge} one-stop party shopping

I used most of the items in the Lil’ Hoots Halloween Collection and shopped not only on a budget but also in a One Stop Shopping Trip to the grocery store!! (Which lucky for me, happens to be Walmart.) All the goodies which include chocolate chip muffins, mini pumpkin spice cupcakes and chocolate cake rolls are from the bakery and already made for you! I added a little bit to the style by placing them on matching cupcake wrappers. I also used a Wilton Striped Icing Tube to add a little touch to the rolls. There’s also licorice Twizzlers and candy corn. The drinks included $1 Kool-Aid individual plastic bottles and Starbucks for the adults. (My splurge!)

I decided to style a small table using items from past Halloweens. I added the hay and the paper tree that I found during my One Stop Shopping Trip. One thing I was lucky to have found is the really pretty lace ribbon which I used to decorate the inexpensive solid color treat bags. I should add that I really wanted this to be a challenge so I took on my own challenge of going to the store with no previous plan or list. I was surprised how I got inspired just by having the printables collection.

Had a HOOT and lots of fun styling Piggy Bank Parties’ Lil’ Hoots Halloween Collection. Thanks for the challenge!!

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