{free download} a GLOW-ing halloween favor

What has two eyes and GLOWS in the DARK?

Our HALLOWEEN favors!!!

I am always looking for creative and fun alternatives to candy at Halloween. Inspired by Piggy Bank Parties’ “Glow in the Dark” Collection, I asked if they would be interested in making a Halloween favor that I could add a glow stick to and pass out to the kiddos.

The design they came up is SO fun! The printable favor tag truly does glow in the dark. Remarkable!

I found the glow in the dark bracelets at my local dollar store—12 for $1! I cut slits on both sides of the favor tag and just placed the glow stick carefully through the middle.

Bugger N was so excited about his GLOW-ing Halloween favors. The bracelet went right on his wrist before I was finished taking pictures. Guess I should buy a few extra just in case!

Now for the best part, Piggy Bank Parties has graciously offered the GLOW-ing Halloween Favor Cards as a FREE printable {insert major happy dancing!}

Click here to download the favor cards. Piggy Bank Parties would love for you to share the free download with your Fans, Followers and Friends. We hope you’ll consider becoming a Facebook Fan, Twitter Follower or Oink! Subscriber so you don’t miss any free downloads in the future. {Click on the buttons at the top right of this page to join Piggy Bank Parties’ lil’ adventure!}

Hope you enjoy them and have a happy and GLOWING Halloween!

8 thoughts on “{free download} a GLOW-ing halloween favor

    1. Our pleasure! I wish I had lots of lil’ munchkins to give them to! We are have about 8 trick-or-treaters each year…so I’m happy that others will enjoy them!

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