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Turkey Day is almost here…are you ready to get your GOBBLE on? I’m here today to show you how to make a fun fondant turkey topper for your holiday get together! Isn’t he just a little cutie? He’s pretty easy to make too!

You will need the following supplies:

  • fondant: white, brown, orange, yellow and a little bit of red
  • circle cutters: 2 1/2″, 1 1/2″ and 1/2″
  • decorating tip (#10) or a drinking straw
  • leaf cutter: 1 1/2″
  • black edible marker (or a tiny bit of black fondant)
  • fondant roller (or non stick roller)
  • non-stick mat (a non-textured place mat will do)
  • small glass of water
  • unused small paintbrush
  • shortening
  • parchment paper

A word about fondantMany people make their own and it is known as Marshmallow Fondant. You can Google the recipe and you will find many tutorials out there and it’s pretty much all the same recipe. Marshmallow fondant is easy to make, inexpensive and yummy! Of course, you can buy pre-made fondant as well. An inexpensive route is to buy the fondant available at your craft store (use one of the discount coupons to keep the cost down). You can purchase professional fondant but unless you happen to live near a cake supply store, you will need to purchase it online and it can be pricey. If you are just starting out or only want to make a few little things, go with the homemade version or the kind at the craft store!

A few tips…When working with fondant, shortening is a great helper! If the fondant begins to feel dry or sticky, just knead a little shortening into it. Also use it on your work mat (just a little) to keep your pieces from sticking. Prepare a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper. You can lay your completed fondant decorations on it while they dry.

Ok…let’s talk turkey!

Roll out your white fondant on your mat and cut out a circle using the large 2 1/2″ cutter. Set aside.

First, we are going to make the feathers. Using the leaf cutter, roll out your orange and yellow fondant and cut out 5 feathers.

Dab your clean paintbrush into your cup of water and brush just a little bit of water onto the back of the feather. This will help the feather stick to the fondant. Place the feathers onto the white circle as shown.

Then because I want the turkey to lay flush against those feathers, use the 1 1/2″ circle cutter to gently cut away the bottom of the feathers & make room for the turkey’s body.

Next, roll out your brown fondant and use your 1 1/2″ circle to cut out 2 circles—one for the body and the other for the wings. Then use the small 1/2″ circle to cut out one for the head.

Again, brush each piece with a tiny bit of water and place the body and head on.

To add a little detail, use the small 1/2″ cutter to score little lines on the body. To make the wings, cut the other 1 1/2″ circle into 1/4 pieces and use 2 of them for the wings. Score each piece in the same way as the body. Save the wings to place on last (in order to leave room for the waddle).

Now let’s give this guy a face! Use the decorating tip or a straw to cut out two small circles from the white fondant. I drew eyes on using a black edible marker, but you can also just make tiny little circles from black fondant and attach them with water.

Cut out a small triangle shape from the orange fondant to make a beak. Take a little pinch of the red fondant and shape it into a teardrop for the waddle. Use a little bit of water to stick it all onto the head.

Last…attach the wings!

Then…let your little turkey dry for at least a day before you use him.

Now your sweet turkey is ready to place on top of a cupcake or other sweet treat! Personally, I love to use fondant toppers for cookies!! I always have cake at my celebrations, so I like to offer a cookie as an alternative little treat. Plus…they make fun little favors too!

Remember to download the {free} Harvest Pies Recipe Cards that the Piggy Bank Parties Crew created for you!

Click here to download!

I hope you’re inspired by this little bit of Turkey Talk and hope you’ll have some fun with your own fondant creations!


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