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Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns! It’s time for…

I’m giddy with excitement because one of my favorite party chicks is droppin’ by Oink! today…Carolyn of Carolyn Horton Events! Carolyn recently competed in the $100 Designer’s Challenge over on Sparkling Events & Designs‘ blog. I was drawn to the adorable felt flowers featured in her party the moment I saw them! I also wanted to know how she made them and quickly sent off an email to her. Carolyn graciously accepted my invitation to guest post and I’m thrilled that she’s sharing her how-to with us!

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I created these felt flowers for the Sparkling Events & Designs Designers Challenge. I have always thought these little felt flowers were adorable but never had a chance to use them until now. With only a $100 budget for the Designers Challenge, I knew I would have to get a little craft on. These felt flowers were budget friendly and created the sweet pop of color that I was looking for to add to decor items I already had.

This is the first time I have ever done a tutorial so I hope that I did it in such a way that it is easy for you to understand. Thank you to Do for inviting me to create my first ever tutorial. These flowers are really easy and quick to make and all the supplies you probably already have in your craft stash.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sewing needle
  • Thread to match felt colors
  • Scissors
  • 9″ x 12″ Craft felt square – 1 per flower
  • Flower template {via http://www.cardscraps.com/}
  • Cardboard to create template
  • Buttons {optional}
  • Scrap burlap or fabric for leaves {optional}

Template for the flower; print out the size you want.

Print the flower template and cut it out; then trace flower template onto cardboard and cut it out. This will give you a stiffer template to use over and over.

Trace the template onto the felt square 5 times for one flower; then cut out the flower shapes.

Thread your needle with an extra-long piece of thread doubled up and tie the ends into a knot. Leaving the thread long will make it easier to sew thru.

NOW the TrIckY part…

Fold each cut flower in half then cross stack 4 of the folded felt flowers; crossing over and under—kind of like folding the flaps of a cardboard box. Be sure to hold on tight. Step 6 just shows how it should look in your hand; this was the only way to show you without my finger being in the way. :)

Using the needle from the bottom up sew each corner of the stacks of felt flowers together to secure them; go back and forth a few times—this doesn’t have to be perfect. :)

Do not cut thread yet.

Once the 4 flowers are secure, place the 5th flower cut out on the bottom of the sewn stacks and then thread the needle through each of the sections to the middle of the flower to secure the bottom flower.

You can then add a button to the center of your flower if you like or not. Simply continue with the needle and thread up through the button and sew the button on; going thru the button a few times to secure it. Now tie off your thread, trim it, fluff your flower and you are done.

I free-handed a shape of a leaf and created a template out of cardboard. Trace the leaf template on your scrap burlap or fabric and then cut out the leaf. Place the leaf where you want it on the underside of the flower and attach with thread.

I hope you found that easy enough to do; enjoy decorating with your felt flowers for any occasion.

• • • • •

Thank you, Carolyn, for stoppin’ by Oink! today. Your tutorial was fantastic!

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8 thoughts on “{rootin’ tutin’ thursday} felt flowers

  1. Great tutorial, I can’t wait to try this out. The link to flower template requires site membership Will it work to use the one size in Carolyn’s post?

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the link–we didn’t realize that! Yes, you can print the template Carolyn shared as a photo and it will give you a 3″ flower. There are also various free flower templates available across the web. I found three with a quick Google search, “free flower template.” We’d love to see photos of your finished project!

  2. I love this flower, I think I’ll use this idea for Valentine’s Day this year! In fact I’m thinking it will be a cute variation on a napkin ring topper! Carolyn, you did a great job on the tutorial!

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