{rootin’ tutin’ thursday} ballerina bottles

Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns! It’s time for…

I recently threw a Piggy Ballerina birthday party for my daughter! It was such a fun theme and I loved using all the cute, silly, piggy touches. One of the things I was most excited about was decorating the milk glasses. I knew right away that I wanted the bottles to be dressed like ballerinas…with a tutu, of course!

These were very simple to make and were a big hit with all the kids!


  • Milk bottles (Recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles shown)
  • 3/8″ Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon flower embellishment or your choice of decoration
  • Printable topper (from Piggy Bank Parties)
  • Hot glue
  • Glue dots 

To begin, measure your ribbon around the neck of the bottle making it about 2″ longer than the bottle and cut. Place a glue dot on the back center of the neck to hold your ribbon in place. 

Wrap the ribbon around the neck and overlap (crisscross) in the front (this helps the ribbon lay flat). Secure with another glue dot.

Then attach the ribbon flower. You may or may not need to use another glue dot depending on whether or not the other glue dot is exposed.

Next, measure your ribbon around the center of the bottle’s body and cut. Put aside.

For the tulle, you will want the length to be about 1 1/2 times the circumference of your bottle. This will help give your tulle a little poof when wrapped around the bottle. The longer your tulle, the poofier it will be. For the width, cut the tulle about 4″ wide and then fold in half. It’s better to err on cutting it a little wider because you can always go back and trim it once it’s attached. 

Now it’s time to attach the tulle to the ribbon and make the tutu! Place your ribbon with the designed side face down. Pleat or bunch up the tulle to give it some pouf, apply hot glue to the ribbon and hold your tulle until the glue has seeped in and adhered. Do this in small sections at a time until the entire length of ribbon has tulle attached to it.

To attach the tutu to the bottle, use hot glue or glue dots. I tried it both ways and found that while the glue dots were less messy, the hot glue was easier to remove. So if you plan on reusing the bottles, try hot glue! Trim the tutu, if necessary.

I topped my bottles off with this adorable Piggy Ballerina head so that the whole bottle resembled a body. 

For a non-piggy ballerina party, you could simply leave off the topper! Fill with milk and a fun paper straw and these bottles will definitely be a hit at your party!

The Tulip, the Ballerina Collection is {coming soon} to The Market and will include the printable bottle topper.

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