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For my monthly contributions here on Oink!, I’m starting a four-part series called Celebrating! I’ll share with you ideas on celebrating different occasions like 1/2 birthdays and tooth fairies! Today I want to start with Weekday Birthday Celebrations.

One of the first things that most of us—including our kids—do as soon as our birthdays are over is to look at next year’s calendar to find out what day of the week our birthday falls on. Is it on a WEDNESDAY? Friday? Monday? No big deal! Weekdays can be just as fun especially since not everyone looks forward to hosting a big party. Being celebrated stands for being distinguished, notable, acknowledged and respected. For the kids, it means FUN! We can do that! We can have fun Monday through Friday. Here are some tips on how:


  • Serve the birthday person’s favorite breakfast food with a candle on top!
  • Decorate the table with just balloons, a banner or simply the gifts.
  • Cake is wonderful for breakfast but I know this isn’t the time for cake! Dress up a stack of pancakes with happy faces, shapes, chocolate chips, granola bits…so many options. Serve muffins instead of cupcakes.
  • On the GO? Make a bag with an “on the go” breakfast and add a greeting card inside!


  • Make a mix cake while preparing dinner or buy a cake and add the decor!
  • Pick their favorite flavors. Mix and match the cake tiers, the icing or THE ICE CREAM!
  • Serve their favorite cheesecake or store bought dessert instead of cake.


Almost everyone looks forward to their birthday with a countdown. Regardless of what day it falls on, it is still as exciting for kids and the young at heart.


  • Invite someone special for a weekday dinner. The birthday person would love to be surrounded by his or her grandparents or maybe a friend or two.
  • No big fuss…just make their favorite easy dish!
  • Have fun with the food. Our friend, Mariah at Giggles Galore, has a series on her blog on muffin tin meals which is none other than kids food served in cupcake molds!
  • Serve Dessert! You can even start with it!!




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