{wild wednesday} neon party trends

Grab your hair gel and craziest sunglasses ‘cuz Cineca’s hanging with us on…

You may have noticed more and more bright colors showing up everywhere. Everything from shoes and jewelry to purses and clothing are appearing in shades of lime green hot pink, orange and yellow. The 80’s are definitely making a come-back in the world of fashion…and they seem to be rockin’ their way into the party world as well.

Subtle pops of bright colors paired with white or neutral tones create a fun and ‘like totally rad’ party atmosphere.

Hints of neon colors can be added throughout your decor and party items. For example, tissue poms add color and texture. Paper straws and cupcake wrappers are another popular party must-have and are now available in every color and pattern possible.

Neon is even popping up in the sweet treats {my personal favorite part of any party}. Rock candy is always a big hit (and very retro), bright flip-flop lollipops are perfect for any spring or summer shindig and Oh.My.Awesome…cupcake bites!

What party would be complete without some fun party favors?! You can jump on the 80’s Neon Bandwagon with bright colored beads and classic shutter aviator sunglasses. This year will be all about the color…so grab your favorite hair scrunchie, turn up Cyndi Lauper and get ready to Party in Neon!



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