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Grab your recipe cards and an apron for another edition of…

If you read yesterday’s post, Mariah of Giggles Galore shared her Mud Pie Kit with us. Mariah asked us to design the printables for her and we loved them so much we added them to The Market. Whenever we add a new item to The Market, we usually do a photo shoot to showcase how to use the printables. I couldn’t wait to make up my own kit so after a quick trip to our local grocer I was ready to go…or so I thought! {cue villainous organ music}

I printed out the Mud Pie Kit on cardstock and full-sheet labels.

Filled resclosable bags with worms and cookies.

I assembled the Flower Pot Boxes, cut out the label and punched out the flower tags.

I cut out the Recipe Card…and then I read it. {cue more villainous organ music} I bought the wrong kind of pudding! Okay, clearly I might be slightly overly dramatic but I created the Recipe Card! I read…and re-read the directions. So, I did what I do best…I used what I had and made it my own!

Another funny thing is that I purchased the same container from Michael’s as Mariah did before I saw her photos. {Great minds do think alike!}

Designer’s Tip: When you are wrapping a container in a bag or cellophane, place your container either in or on the cellophane wrapping. This will keep your creation perfect and prevent you from dropping it while you’re trying to wrap the container.

Since I had four pre-made pudding cups instead of four boxes of instant pudding, I divided the whipped cream in half and put it in a reclosable container embellished with a lil’ flower. I chose to include the whipped topping in my kit since I had to refrigerate it due to the instant pudding. Then I could just grab it out of the fridge when I was ready to deliver the kit.

Hank’s Hint: Need to refrigerate a gift while traveling a long distance or during the warm months of the year? Pack a cooler with reusable ice packs versus frozen ice cubes. Place a towel over the ice packs to prevent them from “sweating” on your gifts.

Time to finish packing up the kit. I wrote on the gift tags, attached the punched flowers to food-safe sticks, packed up the goodies and closed the cellophane bag with a coordinating ribbon. Finally, I adhered the label and attached the gift tag to the bag. Ta-Da!

I decided to add lil’ cups to my kit for individual servings. I also attached the “Mud Pie with Wiggly Worms” label to the outside of the bag. The pail can easily be reused for something else without having to peel the label off. {Peeling labels is hard when you’re all hoofs!}

Are you ready to dig in and get your hands dirty? Let’s make individual mud pies! Mix equal amounts of pudding and whipped topping in a bowl.

Spoon into the lil’ cups leaving room at the top for the dirt.

Place your Oreos or bargain brand which we like to call…Faureos {Faux + Oreos = Faureos} into a reclosable bag. Use a rolling pin or your hands to break up the cookies.

Top the cups with the crunched up cookies.

Place the cups in the Flower Pot Boxes.

Insert one flower into the center of each cup.

Add a worm or two to each mud pie.

Ta-Da! Lil’ Mud Pies!

Just this lil’ piggy’s take on Mariah’s brilliant idea! Would you like a Mud Pie Kit of your very own? Enter our “Mud Pie Kit Giveaway” by clicking here then scrolling down to the bottom of the post. We’re choosing TEN winners!

I hope you’re inspired to play in the mud!




 I’m sharing my idea on The Celebration Shoppe’s “What I’ve Been Up To Wednesday” link party!

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