{sweet-n-savory saturday} snow on the mountain

Grab your aprons and a mixin’ bowl because it’s…

I’m ridiculously excited for Jenny to share this recipe with you today! Besides being a yummy treat for your next soirée, it’s also the first {sneak peek} we’ve shared of the party Jenny created for her youngest son! Okay…it’s a super small peek at one of the foods that was served…but it’s still a {sneak}! Stay tuned for more goodies from the party soon ‘cuz it’s one of the cleverest, most unique and brilliant parties we’ve been blessed to be a part of!

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My sweet friend Emily asked if she could bring Snow on The Mountain Snack Mix to our MAIL party last weekend. It was so ridiculously delicious that I immediately asked her if I could share the recipe with everyone!


Mix the following in a big bowl…

  • 1 pkg. 10 oz. mini pretzels
  • 5 c. Cheerios
  • 5 c. Corn Chex
  • 2 c. salted peanuts
  • 1 lb. plain M&M’s

Microwave the following for 2 minutes (stir halfway)

  • 2 10oz. pkgs. vanilla chips
  • 3 Tbsp. vegetable oil

Pour liquid over dry mixture. Mix well. Spread in an even layer to dry on cookie sheets covered with waxed paper. Break up into chunks. Store in an air tight container.

Emily gets major bonus points for presentation because she served this delicious treat right out of a box! Fit our theme perfectly! I will fess up and share that the original box Emily brought the mix over in was a large flat rate box…I had to move the mix to a medium flat rate box for pictures because I had been munching on it all day!

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