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While a donut isn’t on the list of things I eat daily or even weekly…I do LoVe a good donut! I have fond memories that are actually evoked by the taste of a donut. There’s even a donut that is so famous in my hometown of Owosso, Michigan that just mentioning the “White’s Triangle” gets people talking about their favorite part of this maple-glazed, cream-filled geometric treat!

A lil’ background…White’s Bakery was a staple in my lil’ hometown when I was growing up. It was the only bakery I ever remember and you knew all of the ladies who worked behind the counter. Sadly, the bakery closed many years ago and the “White’s Triangle” became a distant memory. This delectable triangle-shaped donut was filled with light cream and topped with this delicious maple glaze.

{My heart is racing just thinking about this donut! I’ll share a secret…I’m not a fan of anything maple—syrup, cookies, candy, etc.—but I LOVED White’s maple glaze.}

There is a happy ending to this donut tale though! Recently a new bakery was opened by a hometown boy and after many attempts…he’s secured the well-guarded secret recipe for the “White’s Triangle!” {break for a Happy Dance!} We will be back home in August producing my sister’s birthday party and I will finally get to share one of my childhood favorites with J. It may be our first stop when we get into town…my family can wait a few minutes longer to see us…especially if we arrive with a bag of triangles!

In honor of “National Donut Day,” I thought I’d share a few of my donut favorites—recipe, party, maker and displays from around the blogosphere!

Semi-Homemade Donuts using canned biscuit dough from Make and Takes!

Donuts and Dragons” Party: An ode to a donut from The Purple Pug

Donut Maker from Babycakes

Snowy Faux Doughnuts using cake mix in the Babycakes Donut Maker from Piggy Bank Parties

Simple Store-bought Doughnut Display featured in “A Vintage Valentine” from Piggy Bank Parties

Donuts on a Stick…or Straw featured in {coming soon} from Piggy Bank Parties

Faux Doughnuts featured in “A Zero Budget REE-launch Party” from Piggy Bank Parties

I hope you’re inspired by doughnuts…or donuts. Happy {Belated} National Donut Day!




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3 thoughts on “{sweet-n-savory saturday} celebrating donuts

  1. I can’t wait for you to get home in August, now that I know that you are arriving with a bag of triangles in your hand!!! :) yummy!
    We all have to limit our visits to Lance’s Bakery in Owosso, or we would be the heaviest city in the state! I can’t wait to share this post with the bakery…Lance will be very grateful for the shout out.

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