party garland techniques

Rustle up your craft supplies and load your glue guns ‘cuz it’s… I love little details. The little details are those tiny little touches that take a party from ordinary to extraordinary! One of my favorite lil’ touches are garlands. You can use them to dress up a backdrop, as bunting on a sweet treat […]

insane party favor boxes

Grab your party hat ‘cuz it’s… Last week I had the pleasure of guest blogging on My Insanity in honor of Kendra’s 5th Blogiversary. In case you missed it, I wanted to share my post which includes a fun lil’ party favor! Let’s PaRtY! • • • • • Greetings from the PiG PeN! I’m Do […]

do you fondue?

Grab your virtual notepads ‘cuz it’s… One of my favorite things about winter is gathering around a table with family and friends to enjoy a cozy meal. You know…the kind of meal that comforts you like bowls full of chili, homemade soup and macaroni-n-cheese. My ultimate cozy meal though is a warm pot of ooey […]

pie anyone?

A new week must mean it’s… Last week we celebrated National Pie Day with a lil’ giveaway and today it’s time to announce the winners! {drumroll} And the winners are… Congratulations, Ladies! Y’all have been notified via email but if you didn’t hear from this lil’ piggy…please email Hank to claim your prize! But WAIT! […]

national peanut butter day

Rustle up your aprons and load your cookie sheets ‘cuz it’s… Today we’re in the kitchen instead of the craft room in honor of… I love peanut butter. Plain. Crunchy. On toast. On a spoon. With jelly. On a banana. On a cracker. I love peanut butter. My favorite candy bar is in the form […]