{giveaway} upcycled ragamuffin bunting

Let’s be real. I love paper.

More real? I save paper.

Realer? I’ve saved all of the paper samples and swatches I’ve ever received from paper and invitation wholesalers over the last 12 years! Even when they tell you to pull the paper ‘cuz it’s discontinued…I put it in a box. The “I may need that exact paper or someone may die!” box.

Since we’ve been packing and unpacking and repacking the office, we found a few boxes of paper swatches that I kept telling our packing helpers to, “Put them aside and I’ll deal with them later.” I decided that “later” was this past weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may recognize this photo.

It’s only one of the boxes of swatches…but I did it! They are all organized by color. I love that.

Now, what am I planning to do with them? A few weeks ago, I fell in love with this bunting from The Pleaded Poppy. Lindsey Cheney creates these amazing bags, blankets and such with super fun fabrics. Every so often she gathers her fabric scraps and makes these adorable buntings. {so CUTE!} She adds them to her shop and in a flash they are completely sold out again.

{Can you see where I’m headed?}

I started out with swatches from one of the first paper wholesalers I ever contacted plus solids from all different companies. I wanted to start out simple since I was making this up as I went along. I chose one of my favorite color combos—pink and chocolate—which always makes me think of a candy or ice cream shop! {YuM.}

Here’s what I created…

{Psst! I added the scrap ribbon to cover up my not-so-perfect paper sewing skills.}

Not too shabby for my first one! It needs a lil’ improvement so it didn’t quite meet my selling standards which are pretty high. So, I thought it would be perfect as a gift…or maybe a PRIZE for one of our fans!

{break for a Happy Dance!}

I’m naming these Ragamuffin Bunting ‘cuz they’re not quite perfect…a lil’ shabby…kinda chic…and a whole lot of fun for parties, dinner with the family or to decorate a lil’ corner of your house! We’re giving away two 4′ Ragamuffin Buntings to one lucky fan. Enter below.

I hope you’re inspired to upcycle something you been hoarding saving for a “what if” project!



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