{winner} ragamuffin bunting giveaway

Today has been a lil’ hectic around the PiG PeN, but I wanted to stop in for a quick, “HOWDY!” It’s also time to announce the Ragamuffin Bunting Giveaway winner!


Congratulations, You’re Not The Boss Of Me! We’ve emailed you and you have 7 days to claim your prize.

The rest of y’all…THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to enter and for being a fan of Oink! We’ll be givin’ away more fun prizes soon and adding Ragamuffin Buntings to The Market soon.

I hope you’re inspired to take a lil’ time out of a hectic day to say, “HOWDY!” to your friends!

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I'm Hank, the Piggy Bank Parties' mascot, and all around fun pig. My favorite movie is "Babe," my favorite song is "This Little Piggy Went to Market" and my favorite book is "Charlotte's Web".

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