i’m not weird. i’m irregular.

Surprise! This lil’ piggy is alive and well and living in Michigan.

[letting the shock wear off…]

I woke up this morning and missed y’all so much that I had to write a lil’ post! I hope this finds you well and enjoying some sunshine wherever you might be. Me and the hubs? We’re good and the sun is spectacular today!

A quick update on us.ย J and I have spent the last few months recovering from the drama of the last year and a half. We’re still healing and re-learning how to live versus survive, but we’re in a good place. Still living and working in my family’s basement, but so grateful to be here. My sister who has MS is doing much better and back to work part-time. She still has double vision and balance issues, but is much more independent. The biggest hurdle is driving, but somehow one of us is always able to get her where she needs to be!

A quick update on the biz. We’re been concentrating the bulk of our time each day on updating our Etsy shop, fulfilling client orders and developing new products. I stepped away from the blog and most of social media to focus on improving our sales figures and it’s really paid off. [rim shot!] We’ve been blown away by all the new fans and clients we’ve gained by just taking a step back and putting all our energy into the shop. A-ma-zing!

I missed you though. I’ve missed hanging out on Oink! with you, but I’ve come to realize that I can’t do it all. Instead, I’m going to do…ME.

Piggy Bank Parties Irregular Art Print

I want my posts to be helpful, informative and just plain FuN! I can almost guarantee that they won’t happen every day ‘cuz I’m a wife first, business owner second and blogger in my free time. I’ve come to realize over the last few months that I’m not in blogging for the money. I thought it would be fun to get paid for blogging, but it’s hard work, y’all! Deadlines, “suggested” wording, PIN-worthy photos…too much pressure! I’m gettin’ back to what I do best…simple, quick and affordable party tips and tricks with lots of puns and giggles.

Oh, I almost forgot…and free downloads, too!

Piggy Bank Parties Irregular Art Print 2

I encourage you to do YOU, too. Today I’m embracing my “irreguLar”-ness. Want to embrace yours? I’m getting you started with this free “irreguLar” art print.

Piggy Bank Parties Irregular Art Print - Free Download


I hope you’re inspired to be “irreguLar” today!



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