a lil’ box of hope

Today’s post is a bit sad and melancholy, but in the end…it’s full of HOPE. Promise. A few weeks ago, an unexpected event happened to a couple who attend my family’s church. The couple’s 25 year old daughter had been sick. Sick enough that she wasn’t up for a two hour drive home for Thanksgiving. […]

{twELF days} mixing up holiday gifts

A few weeks ago my sisters, Dort and Nora, organized a holiday gift giving and craft night for the ladies at their church. Every 30 minutes the ladies would visit one of three stations which were each set up with easy homemade gift ideas. Two of them were make-n-take stations and the third was a […]

{twELF days} giving you a hand with gift cards

The forecast in our lil’ part of the world for the next week is snow…snow…snow…and more snow! Luckily, I love snow. Lots of it! I know many of y’all think that I’m a lil’ nuts…but I’m okay with that. Of course, I love hats, scarves and mittens, too. Snow gives me a chance to wear […]

{twELF days} one of my favorite things

To say that music has always been a part of my life is an understatement. My first squeal as a piglet was probably set to music! I also have a flair for the dramatic…if you couldn’t tell! {giggle} My family traveled on weekends as a gospel quartet until I was 17 and I was in […]

{twELF days} cup of joy

It’s December 1st. Are you ready for it? Are you on pins and needles? Have you been waiting all year for this? If you answered yes to any of those questions…or you have no idea what I’m talking about…get ready! ‘Cuz it’s time for Piggy Bank Parties’ 2nd annual… {break for a Happy Snow Dance} […]