{tipster tuesday} money saving tips

Grab your notebook and a pencil ‘cuz it’s… Today I wanted to share a few money saving tips I’ve learned over the years when it comes to party planning. When your budget doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room, these simple steps can save you a lot of time, energy and a few bucks, too! […]

{silly sunday} hawaiian party shopping

Grab your hula skirt and get ready to limbo ‘cuz it’s… The calendar says it’s exactly SEVEN days until my sister Nora’s 50th birthday party! I’m slowly marking off my Roadmap to a Great Party! checklist and the responses are almost all in. Yesterday the guest count doubled so we finalized the grocery lists and […]

{silly sunday} aloha 5-oh

Put on your craziest hat and join the fun ‘cuz it’s… Last Sunday I shared a {sneak peek} of the invitation we created for a special family celebration in honor of my sister, Nora’s, 50th birthday. Nora and I have a special birthday bond since her birthday falls the day before mine. I arrived 4 […]

{wild wednesday} sidebar safari

It’s gettin’ a lil’ crazy around here ‘cuz it’s… Today we’re taking a lil’ trip down the Oink! sidebar! Let’s face it…when you’re a faithful blog follower, you often overlook a blog’s sidebar. I love blogs that mix it up but most blogs honestly don’t update their sidebar very often! {guilty!} A few months back […]

a whole lot of rubbish

Grab your notepad and pencil ‘cuz it’s… It’s been a busy few weeks around the PiG PeN and, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hang out on Oink! as much as I’d like. I missed you too much not to stop by today though and I truly appreciate you taking a lil’ time out of […]