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a lil’ box of hope


Today’s post is a bit sad and melancholy, but in the end…it’s full of HOPE. Promise.

A few weeks ago, an unexpected event happened to a couple who attend my family’s church. The couple’s 25 year old daughter had been sick. Sick enough that she wasn’t up for a two hour drive home for Thanksgiving. More >

Piggy Bank Parties Christmas Wish Giveaway - Day 12

{twELF days} christmas wishes come true


Today’s a pretty special day around the PiG PeN. We’re celebrating the birthday of my favorite person in the whole wide world…the hubs! I feel so blessed to not only do a job I love, but I get to spend every single day working along side of the man I love! I may be a lil’ prejudice, but J is an More >

Piggy Bank Parties Marshmallow Cocoa Mix Tag

{twELF days} mixing up holiday gifts


A few weeks ago my sisters, Dort and Nora, organized a holiday gift giving and craft night for the ladies at their church. Every 30 minutes the ladies would visit one of three stations which were each set up with easy homemade gift ideas. Two of them were make-n-take stations and the third was a More >

Piggy Bank Parties Mitten Gift Card Holder A

{twELF days} giving you a hand with gift cards


The forecast in our lil’ part of the world for the next week is snow…snow…snow…and more snow! Luckily, I love snow. Lots of it! I know many of y’all think that I’m a lil’ nuts…but I’m okay with that. Of course, I love hats, scarves and mittens, too. Snow gives me a chance to wear different ones More >

Piggy Bank Parties Twelf Days 2013 - Day 9D

{twELF days} wrapping up the holidays


Popping in for a quick, “Howdy!” {hoof waving frantically} We’ve got a busy week ahead finishing up HAM-made orders, hosting a Christmas party and celebrating the hubs’ birthday! When my world is a bit chaotic, I like to go back to basics which inspired today’s installment of…

Let’s see what’s in More >

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