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Throwing a party? Don’t know where to begin? Need a lil’ inspiration? The best place to start on the road to a great party…right here!

Our real and inspiration parties are categorized by occasion but don’t let that limit your imagination! “A Very Merry Unbirthday Tea Party” is also a perfect theme for a Baby or Bridal Shower. The possibilities are endless!












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  1. Help! I saw once on your website a link to do a personalized Hollywood star favor box tags by way of a template for like $9. My daughter is having a Sweet 15 on August 1st but I can’t find it on your website no more. They were attached by a ribbon to chinese favor boxes that I could get through Oriental Traiding. Please help. I loved the idea – it’s Perfect!

  2. I am looking for a centerpiece idea for our next ho down dance at our club. Something unusual and inexpensive, do not have alot of mula to work with. This is a 55 and older group. Any ideas? PLEASE!!!!

    • We’re so glad you asked, Diane! One idea would be to make a barn out of cardstock like this one–!/2010/04/barn-box-with-cow-pig-horse-cards.html You can design your own or this template is $5.99. (Of course, now I have an itch to design one!)

      I’ve also filled a Ball jar with a bandana–like you add tissue to a gift bag. You remove the interior lid then stuff the bandana into the jar with corners sticking up. You can tie raffia or twine around the jar for a lil’ rustic addition. I’ve also stuck a lil’ two-sided sign in each with something that’s ties it to the event–“C’mon and Ho-Down!”

      Another idea it to buy hay bales at the craft store (use your coupons) and stick lil’ cardstock cowboy boots in them at an angle so they look like they’re dancin’. You can find tons of free templates with a quick “cowboy boot template” Google seach.

      One last idea is if you have some time, you can sometimes pick up old boots at thrift shops. Put a bandana down, top it with one boot and fill it with another bandana or a bunch of inexpesive flowers like daisies or baby’s breath.

      Hope that one of these ideas inspire you!

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